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I started travel writing at seven years old. The yellow and black school bus lumbered out of the parking lot and disappeared behind a white flurry curtain. I had a choice — wait or wander?
I struck out on my own zigzag path home. On the way, I mitten-scribbled my thoughts on the blank white snow drifts, ending my trek’s story hours later (to my mother’s relief) in the front yard on my back swooshing a choir of exclamation point snow angels. I caught heaven’s chunky flakes on my tongue. Oh, the tingly, sweet first taste of solo travel! Ever since, I’ve hungered to explore the world and write about it.

From small towns dotting the sweeping Kansas prairie to the thin air slopes of Mount Everest, I travel to experience our amazing planet’s diverse peoples, cultures, foods, cities and natural beauty. In my blog KitChat, I share my travels through musings, observations, emotions, sketches and photographs.

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